Thursday, October 20, 2011

Community Online

       There has been a change in the way communities practice and understand their religions. Since the development of media many communities have changes the way they worship to online. Community online can be "represented as technologically mediated gatherings of people around a specific topic or purpose, with some level of commitment to that topic/purpose and each other" (Heidi). Based on the reading Community, "community online also refers to groups of persons who create, nurture, and invest in relationships maintained through computer connections, or social aggregations that emerge from the Net when enough people carry on public discussions long enough, with sufficient human feeling, to form webs of personal relationships in cyberspace" (Heidi).
       The Christian community defines itself as a community by the way Christians relate to one another regarding a relationship of love, commitment, and faith. Christians believe that faith was the key into giving them a distinctive identity that differed from other religions. They structure and live out their online community by using it to talk to others and develop relationships/friendships. Christians also use their online community as a time to receive prayer and worship 24 hours from other Christian believers. The offline impact of the Christian religion could be an impact that was positive to the community. The offline impact of this online community could help this religion develop in their faith since that is their main distinction. Since they wouldn't be able to chat online with people, they could use that time to spend in the Bible and pray for people that have asked for their help online. Since Christians are true believers of Christ, they could be trusted to pray for others and become more acquainted in the word. The way Christians identify themselves based on the way they use online community changed when the advancement of media occurred.

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