Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ritual Online Chris Holland

Chris Holland stated that there are many online rituals but they are different based on the diversities of each religion. His definition of ritual was based on a theory which limits the understanding of a certain religion. The idea of what ritual is and what ritual does comes about from his idea. Holland's idea of ritual refers to whether the sacred is engaged with the people involved. Based on Chris's lecture about online rituals some believed that it had supernatural efficacy and was affective and some believed that the online rituals did not work. People are now using the Internet as a mechanism to facilitate the rituals. The case study that he use is to determine whether online rituals were the same as rituals online. Rituals online deal with texts that can be found online and online rituals are performed in virtual space. He used an example about the Christians of how they found the use of online rituals to be effective. The thing that I learned from this lecture was that online rituals can differ from rituals online based on the way the text or word is given in a certain place.

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